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18 inch Truss Dob Conversion

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From this 265 lb Beast

To this 119 lb. truss tube dob

I purchased an 18″ wooden tube dob, shown above on the left, on eBay with the plan of coverting it to a truss tube tube. My goal was to complete it in 10 weeks so I could take it to the Shingletown Star Party in Northern California. I completed the construction a couple of days before the star party and was able to take it with me for 5 nights of glorious dark sky. What a great way to break in a new scope.


Primary Mirror 18″ f4.5 by Enterprise Optics. 1-5/8″ thick
Primary Mirror Cell Custom sling from original tube dob
Secondary Mirror 3.5″ Protostar
Secondary Holder AstroSystems
Spider AstroSystems
Focuser Moonlite CR1

Additional Information

Construction Details