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Supporting multiple ReplayTV devices with the Pronto Remote

The following is a quote from Eric at ReplayTV that he posted in the AVSForum ReplayTV forum. The full text can be found here

-Undocumented, Unsupported Feature:
The 3.0 software has an unsupported feature that may interest some of you. That is ReplayTV and Showstopper can be set to respond to a remote with a unique ID. Some notes before I go into any descriptions. This is not an official feature, blah, blah, blah, may not be supported in the future, blah, blah, blah, no complaining about the implementation, (you may hurt my feelings). I added it specifically for the people here on the forum but had little time to make it more robust. Also donít call tech-support about this, they donít know about it and no we donít have any remote set to other IDís. That said, here is what it does:

A ReplayTV /Showstopper will always respond to the factory remote. With this feature you can also get you ReplayTV / SS to respond to another remote that another ReplayTV/SS in the same room wonít respond to.

To set up a remote with another ID you will need a learning remote and probably access to a Pronto with the Pronto Edit software. When you set up a key, as described below, in the Pronto Edit software you can select the remote ID by entering 0-14 in the system field. ID 0 will always be recognized by a ReplayTV/SS. If you have another type of learning remote you can teach it from Pronto that has been set up.

Steps for ReplayTV models 2xxx and 3xxx

To teach your ReplayTV/SS what additional ID to respond to you need to follow the following steeps.
1) Power cycle your ReplayTV/SS by unplugging the power for 10 seconds the plugging it back in.
2) Wait for the unit to completely boot up.
3) Use any remote command with the ID you want that unit to respond to.
4) The ReplayTV/SS will now work with that ID.

This Setting is lost between power cycles. So if your ReplayTV reboots it will no longer respond to the new ID and you will need to go through the above steps again. I know this sounds weird but I only had about an hour slip it in. So, it is what it is.

Also 2xxx series ReplayTVs will now respond to the same keyboard commands as the 3xxx series ReplayTV and Showstopper.

Steps for ReplayTV models 4xxx and 5xxx

  1. Go to the setup menu, by pressing the Menu key then select Setup from the choices.
  2. Once the Setup menu is displayed press 243 RZ (where RZ is the Replay Zones key on the remote)
    note : there are two different 243 RZ screens. One you get to from the Setup Menu and the other is if you do 243 RZ from any other screen/menu. Be sure you start at the Setup Menu before doing the 243 RZ command.
  3. You will be taken to a setup screen that lets you set 3 things, the Remote Lockout Code, the Remote Machine Code and a selection for wether you want a transparent hub.
  4. You should set the Remote Machine Code to the unit code as described below.

Remote Machine Code - if you have a Pronto or other advanced, programmable remote, you can set the machine code that the unit responds to when decoding its RC6A codeset. It will always respond to machine code 0, plus whatever one you specify here. You will have to reboot your machine after saving your changes in this panel, however, your settings will survive subsequent reboots. (soft boot is fine here)

ReplayTV Pronto Codes

The following is the mapping of RC6 codes in the Pronto to the appropriate ReplayTV command. To enter these commands in the Pronto you need to do the following steps:

1) Select the button you want to change and bring up the properties menu.
2) Select the action tab.
3) Press the RC5/6 button.
4) Select RC6 mode 6A.
5) Customer Code is 1
6) System code is 0 (for single ReplayTV. For multiple devices look here)
7) The command is listed in the table below.

RC6 CommandReplayTV Command
12Power Toggle
13Power On
14Power Off
15Channel Up
16Channel Down
17unused (???)
18Cursor Up
19Cursor NE
20Cursor Right
21Cursor SE
22Cursor Down
23Cursor SW
24Cursor Left
25Cursor NW
30Channel Guide
37Return to Live
38Quick Skip
39Instant Replay
40Replay Guide
42Replay Zones

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