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I started building my latest home theater in June 2000. It still needs work but is currently usable.

The latest addition has been two Audiotron networked MP3 players. I'm still getting all of my CDs ripped to the server but so far I the Audiotron's seem great

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Equipment List

Equipment List - Living Room

Projector Sony VPLVW10HT LCD Projector
Screen Stewart Grayhawk 103" diagonal 16:9
Satellite RCA DTC-100HD
Sony Sat-B2 (controlled by Replay)
PVR ReplayTV 2003
ReplayTV 3060
Receiver Sony STR-DA777ES
DVD Sony DVP-S330

Networked MP3 Player


Line Doubler DVDO iScan
S-Video Switch SIMA SVS-4
S-Video Splitter Covid
Antenna Channel Master CM4248
Remote Pronto
Channel Modulator Channel Master(qty 2)
Cable Distribution ChannelVision CVT - 2/8 PIA
IR Distribution Xantech
IR Conversion Applied Digital Ocelot


Video Wiring - This is a block diagram of the video wiring for my Home Theater. Not shown is the all cableTV and modulated cable connections. Every piece of equipment that generates a video signal is modulated and then distributed to the rest of the house.

Ir Wiring - This shows the IR distribution between the various rooms and my equipment closet. Note that for the 2 zone connecting block I have to have a dummy emitter (it's a normal emitter wrapped up in black electrical tape). I have no need for zone 2 signals in the equipment closet but the Xantech 2 zone connecting block will not function unless every out put (zone 1, zone 2 and common) have a load attached.


Here are some pictures of my home theater. I will be adding pictures of the projector and viewing area soon.
(click on the picture for a larger version)

This is my equipment rack located in the hall closet under the stairs.
This is the rack pulled out of the closet.
The Xantech IR connecting blocks can be seen mounted to the side of the rack
As you can see I still have a few cables hanging off the back that need to be routed through the cable trays on the rack.
This is a closeup of the equipment rack.

It shows the Sima, 2 Replays, Receiver, DVD, VCR, and top edge of CD player.
This is the lower portion of the equipment rack. Visible from top to bottom are Receiver, DVD, VCR, CD player, Sony DSS, DVDO iScan, and RCA DTC-100.
This is where all wiring in my home is terminated. I just put this on the wall this afternoon (1/7/01), and am now in the process of hooking up all the wires. The top is the 66 block and a 110 to RJ45 block. Below that is the patch panel for all phone and network connections. The bottom patch panel is for all RG6 cables and IR distribution.
This is the 1st rolldown of the screen during installation. 3/3/01
Here's another view of the screen during install. The next step is to build a valance over the screen housing. The blue tape is holding up wires that are used for the IR receiver and for screen control (which will be tied to the Sony 10HT projector)

Because I have a reverse roll screen I had to get creative on mounting it to the wall. I ended up using an L-bracket coming out from the wall with the screen housing suspended from the L-bracket with s-hooks.


Screen mounting - Take 3
I wasn't comfortable with the L-bracket being horizontal, so I changed it the next day.

This image also shows the screen trigger connection and the IR receiver (small white rect on front edge of screen housing)


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